Pending Grades

Beginning June 30, 2022, students will be able to easily view pending grades in their Student Centre.

If a final earned grade isn’t available at the end of a term, students may be assigned a temporary (pending) grade that’s displayed as grade pending (GP).

The reasons a GP may be assigned include:

Student Centre

If you have a pending grade (GP), you’ll see information about the pending grade(s) in your Student Centre in the exams and grades section:

Student Centre

The transcript note column will explain the reason for the GP.

Lapse to grade indicates the final grade that will be posted if a final earned grade isn’t updated on the student record by the lapse to deadline.  The department offering the course may change the lapse to grade to reflect the grade you’ll earn if the deferred course components aren’t submitted.  By default, the lapse to grade is set to F (failure, 0.00 grade point value). If your final grade is submitted before the lapse to deadline, the lapse to grade won’t be applied to your record. For the status of your final grade, please connect with your instructor.

The lapse to deadline for deferred final exams is approximately 40 days after the end of the term. This allows time for students to write the deferred final exam, for the exam to be graded, and for a final grade to be posted. For deferred term work, the lapse to deadline is two weeks after the date agreed upon with your instructor for the submission of the deferred work.

GP that are related to an ongoing investigation (student under review) don’t show a lapse to grade or lapse to deadline because the outcome of the review process will determine the final earned grade. For the status of your review, please connect with the faculty completing the review.

Resolving Pending Grades

Student, faculty, and the registrar’s office (RO) have the following accountabilities to resolve pending grades:

Transcript noteStudent responsibilityFaculty responsibilityRO responsibility
Deferred term work

Student must request a deferral of term work before the end of the term from their instructor.


Student must complete the deferred work term by the date agreed upon with their instructor*.

The faculty completes the deferral of term work form with all required approvals. They must also submit the form to the registrar’s office.


The faculty must update the final grade once the deferred term work is completed and graded.

The RO posts pending (GP/DFT) grade(s) when they receive the approved deferral of term work form.


The RO enters the lapse to deadline (two weeks after the agreed upon completion of work date), and the lapse to grade requested by faculty (if the grade isn’t the default of F).


The RO will post the final earned grade once it’s submitted by the faculty.

Deferred final exam

Student must request deferred final exams through their Student Centre, and adhere to deferred final exam regulations.


Students complete deferred final exam(s) as scheduled.

The faculty will prepare and deliver approved deferred final exam(s) as scheduled.


The faculty must submit final earned grade(s) once deferred final exam(s) are written and graded.

The RO will post pending deferred final exam (GP/DFE) grade(s) and notation(s) to the student record.


The RO will post final earned grade(s) once they’re submitted by the faculty.

Student Under ReviewThe student will participate in the process as required by their faculty.

The faculty will enter grade(s) of GP/SUR (student under review) at the time of grade roster posting.


The faculty will complete misconduct investigations and determine if any sanctions are required (such as change of grade, probation, suspension).


The faculty will request grade changes to final earned grades.

The RO will post the requested grade change to final earned grade.


The RO will remove SUR transcript notes (this note is only visible on unofficial transcripts).

* Per calendar regulation G.7, “deferrals are granted at the discretion of the dean (or designate) and are normally granted for 30 days beyond the last day of the term.”


Beginning June 30, 2022:

Students with an approved deferral of term work will be assigned a checklist item in their Student Centre. They’ll be directed to view their pending grade information.

Only students with a pending grade due to an approved deferral of term work will have a checklist item assigned in their Student Centre.

Student Centre GP Checklist

If you have questions about pending grades on your student record, we recommend reaching out to your instructor as a first point of contact. Enrolment Services is also here to support your enquiries.