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Third Party Sponsorship

Sponsors can be government agencies, companies, First Nations/Métis/Inuit groups, or other organizations who are paying your student fees in whole, with limited exclusions. Sponsors are invoiced after the term fee deadline for charges they agree to pay as outlined in an individual sponsorship letter provided directly to the student for sponsorship application.

Third Party Sponsorship application

Third Party Sponsorship (TPS) applications must be initiated by the Student with the Sponsors assistance (see links below). Students are responsible for submitting the TPS application and Sponsors must provide the Sponsorship Letter and pay fees by the invoice deadline. Students must apply for TPS every term; application fees, deposit fees, and late interest cannot be paid by a Sponsor. 

Information for students​

Learn how to submit your third party sponsorship application as a UCalgary student by following these simple steps:

Click here to read more information for students​

Information for sponsors

Find out more about your role and responsibilities as a sponsor when sponsoring a student at UCalgary.​

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Understanding the differences between external awards and third party sponsorships

UCalgary doesn't issue invoices to the providers of external awards. External awards can be scholarships, awards or bursaries that aren't administered by UCalgary or other major providers (such as Alberta Student Aid).

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Refunds of overpayments

If a student withdraws from a program, drops a course, or takes any other action that results in a credit to the account, the university examines the case upon the student’s request and refunds the overpayment directly to the sponsor, if applicable.

Read more about refunds and overpayments

Tax information for sponsors​

Please refer to our tax information webpage for any tax impacts to students on approved third party sponsorship. ​

Visit put tax information webpage