Registration Issues

If you are encountering difficulties with your registration, check this list of common registration errors and current registration issues

Error message: Requisites not met for class, not enrolled.

This error means you do not meet the pre-, co-, or anti-requisites for the course. To check the requisites of a course, refer to the class description by clicking on the class number (in “course Search”) or by clicking on more info (in Schedule Builder). Ensure that you’ve already completed any pre-requisite course(s) and that you’ve never taken any anti-requisite course(s). Remember that co-requisites must be taken before or at the same time as the course.  View definitions of pre-, co- and anti-requisites.


Error message: multiple enrolment not allowed. 

Students are restricted from registering in the same course more than once in a future term. A future term currently includes: spring 2024 (until May 1), summer 2024, fall 2024, winter 2025. To resolve this error, you must choose which future term you would like to register in the class for.


Error message: time scheduling conflict for class, not enrolled.

A time conflict indicates that a component of two different course(s) are offered at overlapping times.  You will need to find a schedule that does not conflict to be able to register successfully.  This may include taking a different lecture/lab combination or choosing a different course entirely so it can fit with your schedule.


Error message: Class taken previously, repeat not allowed.

Most courses can be attempted twice. You’ll need to receive permission from faculty advisors if you want to enroll in a course for a third time. Contact your faculty advisors directly to discuss third attempt policies and to obtain permission to enroll for a third attempt.


Error message: Available seats are reserved.  Reserved seat requirements are not met.

Many courses are reserved for students admitted into a specific degree or major; the restriction indicates who can register for a specific course. Restrictions have end dates – after that date arrives, anyone can enroll in the course. Some courses may have more than one restriction with various end dates. If you’re not within the specific degree or major listed in the restriction, you’ll need to wait until the restriction end date arrives before you can enroll in the course.


Error message: Class not waitlisted, waitlist full.

All components of the course (lecture, lab, tutorial) must be available for you to waitlist. You should check that the course you’re trying to waitlist for currently has a waitlist with available seats in all components.  You can do this by clicking on the class number (in course search) or by clicking on more info (in Schedule Builder). Once you’ve confirmed there is a waitlist with seats available, ensure that the “waitlist if class is full” button is checked off when registering (see step 5 in this guide for details).


Error message: no valid appointment found and no open enrolment period has begun.

This error means that your enrolment enrolment start time, which is the exact date and time when you can begin enrolling into courses on your Student Centre ( or schedule builder, has not arrived yet. You can enroll into courses anytime after the enrolment start time until the term add deadline.

If you’re a new student at UCalgary, please ensure you’ve accepted your offer and paid your admission deposit.


Error message: maximum term unit load exceeded.

You are receiving this message because you are attempting to register in too many courses, or you are attempting to waitlist in too many courses.  To resolve this error, reduce the number of courses you are attempting to register and/or waitlist in.


Error message: Maximum term wait units exceeded.

You are attempting to waitlist in too many courses.  Students can waitlist for up to 6.00 units (2 courses) per term.


I’m receiving a message that says I haven’t initialized my account. How do I do this?

The initialization process involves confirming that your personal information (such as home address, email address, phone numbers, and so on) is up to date. View instructions on how to initialize (pdf). 


I’ve already enrolled in a course but I would like to switch it with another course, how do I do that?

If you would like to change the main registration component of the course (the first component you select when registering), you can action a “Swap” on your Student Centre. View step by step instructions on how to swap a course (pdf).

If you would like to simply change the lab/tutorial for a course you are already enrolled in, you can action an “edit” on the main page of your Student Centre.

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