Refunds and Overpayments

Refund Eligibility

There are two circumstances where a refund can be requested: if there is a credit present on your account, or if a payment has been allocated towards a future term. As per the Academic Calendar, a refund cannot be requested for classes dropped after the term’s add/drop deadline. Credits that come from UCalgary awards, scholarships and bursaries do not require you to request a refund. These overpayments are refunded on a set schedule, see below for more details.

A credit on the account is represented with a negative number showing as outstanding for the term. This is indicated in the “My Financials” section of the Student Portal:


Credits from overpayments will automatically apply to the next active term. If a payment applies to a future term, and that term’s fee deadline has not passed, then a refund can be requested by selecting “View/Request Refund”.

You can verify if payments have applied to future terms by selecting “Account Inquiry” in the My Financials section of the Student Portal:

Please contact Enrolment Services for assistance if a credit has not been correctly applied.

Requesting a refund

Refunds for tuition fee overpayments are processed by student request. If no refund is requested, the funds will automatically apply towards future terms. To ask for a refund, please submit a request through the Student Portal. Instructions for how to request a refund can be found here.

Refunds on payments made to the student account by third parties, such as award providers, parents and family members, will be refunded to the student not the original source of the payment. Refunds requested on payments made by Third Party Sponsors will be returned to the sponsor, or by the terms of the sponsorship agreement.

If you have questions regarding a refund, please submit a service request in your Student Portal (view instructions). If you do not have access to the Student Portal, then please see the FAQ here.

The refund process will change slightly depending on how the payment was received. Please see the specific situations below:

If you originally paid by cheque, a refund cannot be issued until a least one week after the date your cheque was deposited to your student account.

Refunds on payments made by bank transfer, debit, money order or cheque will be issued as a cheque sent to your mailing address on file. If another party made the payment for the student, then the refund will be directed back to them, rather than the student.

Cheques are typically issued within three weeks of receipt of your request. During peak periods, refund processing times may take up to six weeks. Please ensure your mailing address is updated in your Student Portal prior to submitting a refund request.

Refunds on payments made by WU GlobalPay for Students or CIBC Student Pay will be returned to the original account that made the payment. This is the case for both bank transfer and credit card payments made with these services.

Refunds are typically issued within three weeks of receiving your request. Additional approvals are required for refund requests of $5,000 or greater. During peak periods, refund processing times may take up to six weeks.

In most cases, award payments are split equally between the fall and the winter terms. Additional information on how awards are paid out can be found here.

If you have received a scholarship from an external source, your refund request will be reviewed prior to funds being issued to ensure the refund is in alignment with scholarship regulations.

Overpayments from University of Calgary awards will be automatically refunded by direct deposit on October 25 for the fall term and on February 25 for the winter term; provided your direct deposit information has been updated in the Student Portal. If the direct deposit information has not been updated, then a cheque will be issued to the mailing address on file. Enter your banking information under the "My Financials" section by selecting "Submit Direct Deposit Info."