Third party sponsors

Sponsored students have their education funded by a third party, such as a company, agency, government, or scholarship provider.

If your tuition and fees are being paid by a third party, follow the steps below to access the information you will need to provide to your sponsor:

  1. Get your sponsorship letter

    Sponsorship letters must:

    • Be on company letterhead
    • Include student(s) names and University of Calgary student(s) ID numbers
    • Clearly state what term(s) the sponsorship applies to (for example, fall 2016 and winter 2017)
    • Outline, in detail, which fees will be covered by the sponsor
  2. Submit your sponsorship letter

    You or your sponsor must submit your sponsorship letters to Student Receivables as soon as possible, and prior to the term fee deadline.

    Students can submit their sponsorship letter via Service Request (Instructions here) in the Student Portal.

    Sponsors can submit the letter via:

    Fax: 403.282.9349
    Accounts Receivable
    2500 University Dr. NW
    Calgary, AB T2N 1N4

  3. Sponsorship payment

    An invoice/statement of account will be sent to your sponsor directly after the add/drop date has passed. Invoices will indicate the total amount of fees charged to your account for the current term.

    All sponsorship letters received by the term fee deadline will allow you to have the maximum 30-day deferral from the term fee deadline. Sponsors are expected to pay the balance within the 30-day deferral period.

    If payment is not received within the 30-day deferral period, the deferral will automatically expire and you'll have a withhold placed on your student account. Your account will begin to accrue late interest which you're responsible to pay. Learn more about late fees and refunds.

    If you submit your sponsorship letters after the term fee deadline, you don't qualify for the maximum 30-day fee deferral and will be subject to late interest fees for overdue accounts. A withhold will also be placed on your account.

    It's your responsibility to monitor your account and pay any fees not covered by the sponsorship by the term fee deadline. Visit the University Calendar for a list of the fees and term fee deadlines.

Payment options for sponsors

Payment can be made by cheque, bank draft, or money order payable to the University of Calgary, or directly through online banking. Cheques must include the student's UCID number and must not be post dated. International cheques/money orders/bank drafts are not accepted.

To pay online, the sponsor will need the student’s University of Calgary account number (8 digit UCID number followed by the first 5 letters of the student's last name e.g. 12345678SMITH.) View the various payment options and instructions available here.

To trace a payment, the student can submit a Payment Trace Service Request (SRQ) through the Student Centre. Instructions on how to complete a Payment Trace can be found here.

Important details

Overpayments and Refunds

Funds paid by sponsors in excess of the balance on the student account will be refunded to the sponsor.

If excess funds are intended to support the student with other expenses, please state as such in the sponsorship letter.

Awards and scholarships

Sponsored students who may also be receiving an award/scholarship administered through the Student Awards Office should be aware that award/scholarship funds will not be refunded for a term until sponsorship payment has been received.

Learn more about awards and scholarships

Sponsor conditions

Any additional information required by a sponsor will be provided by the student directly, and will not be provided through Student Receivables (e.g., class lists, grades, charges not included in sponsorship, etc).