Access your official student documents through MyCreds

MyCreds is a national digital wallet for post-secondary credentials. You can now securely and conveniently access and share your academic documents and records.



eTranscripts through MyCreds eliminates the hassle of paper transcripts.



A confirmation of registration letter is an official document confirming your student status including registration, program of study, academic standing, course load, and/or fee assessments.



Parchment information coming soon!

Access your academic documents 24/7


Documents obtained and shared through MyCreds are secure digital documents.


The authenticity and legality of documents are guaranteed.


MyCreds documents are accepted by most major institutions and receivers.


Control who has access to your documents, which documents, and for how long. You can revoke receiver access at any time.

Accessing your documents in MyCreds

To obtain digital documents, students must pay a fee that covers the amount charged to the university for partnership with MyCreds.

The following documents are available through the MyCreds platform for the associated fee:

MyCreds DocumentCost & access durationCommon receivers
eTranscript$8 per share (pay to share)Employers, post-secondary institutions
Confirmation of Registration Letter$10/3 months unlimited shares (pay to view)Banking, accessing funding, RESPs, student discounts, insurance, etc 
Anticipate to Graduate Letter$10/6 months unlimited shares (pay to view)Future employers, future post-secondary institutions, etc
Confirmation of Credentials Letter$10/6 months unlimited shares (pay to view)Employers, post-graduate work permits, etc
ParchmentFreeEmployers, etc

Getting Started with MyCreds™

MyCreds™ helps learners securely receive and share official documents with third parties. To get started, simply initiate your document request through your Student Centre Portal, then you will receive an email notification from MyCreds™ prompting you to set up your account in the MyCreds™ Learner Portal. If you did not receive an email notification, start here and learn how to login via the MyCreds™ Education Provider sign in page. If you already have a MyCreds™ account, start here to learn how to link your accounts.

Frequently asked questions

MyCreds™ is owned by the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC). It is a trusted national body for registrars and enrolment services professionals of recognized colleges and universities across Canada, working to provide an extremely high level of assurance and legal validity for academic documents that are authentic and tamper evident. 

MyCreds™ provides a convenient one-stop credential wallet for your post-secondary documents, and secure 24/7 document access and sharing. UCalgary uses the platform for official eTranscripts, eParchments, and now for student letters, so students and alumni have flexibility in sharing authentic and legally valid documents. Sending confirmation letters through MyCreds™ assures the receiving organization that they are being presented with official documents directly from UCalgary.

Students are charged a cost recovery fee that covers the cost for students to utilize the MyCreds™ network. The decision to partner with MyCreds™ was made in consultation with various student and staff groups. For a small fee, the addition of this dynamic third-party service offers students immediate access to their academic documents and stronger control over the processing time for their requests. 

When requesting a document via MyCreds™ the fee is processed using a payment service called Stripe. You can use any card accepted by Stripe that can process online transactions, including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, or American Express. To process a payment through Stripe you must enter the CVC number, which is available on the back of your card.

MyCreds™ utilizes Stripe, a third-party provider, to process payments for document delivery transactions. All payment information including credit card information is held by Stripe, not by ARUCC. For more security information please read the MyCreds™ Privacy Policy and Stripe’s Privacy Policy.  

No. MyCreds purchases, including share credits, are final and non-refundable. Your share credit stays in your account until you decide to share your document by selecting the blue “Share” button. If you are unsure what type of letter to request, please connect with Enrolment Services for support.

Documents are processed and transmitted from UCalgary to MyCreds™ immediately. You’ll receive an email notification from MyCreds™ once your document is available.

It depends on the document type. For pay to share documents, share credits stay in your account until you decide to share your document by clicking the ‘Share’ button.  For pay to view documents, a share credit will be used when you view the document, but you can share that document an unlimited number of times within the share period.

UCalgary alumni can access their Official eTranscripts and Confirmation of Credential Letter via the MyCreds™ Learner Portal after they have initiated the document request through their Student Centre Portal.

For further support with MyCreds™ check out these How-To Videos or contact an Enrolment Service Advisor.

Use of information and privacy

By ordering your digital documents through MyCreds, you agree to allow UCalgary to share your legal name, student ID, email address and full academic record with MyCreds. All personal information that is collected is used, stored, and destroyed in accordance with UCalgary's privacy policy.