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Getting ready to register

Be sure to register on time so you can get the best course selection. The following steps will help you get ready to register for courses at UCalgary:

Your transfer credit report will show you how the courses you took at your previous institution transfer to UCalgary. 

To see how your courses have transferred from your previous post-secondary institution, you’ll want to review your transfer credit report. Be sure to read the comments underneath the transfer credit table to understand any restrictions on your transfer credit.

To access your transfer credit report, follow these steps.

Are you currently completing winter semester courses at your former institution? If so, these courses won't be included in your transfer credit until they're completed and you've sent official transcripts to UCalgary. If you need to use any of the courses you’re currently completing as pre-requisites, you'll need to speak with your faculty advisor to find out if this is possible.

If you have questions about your transfer credit report, contact Admissions.

Some of your courses may have transferred as generic credit. If that happens, the course(s) will appear on your transfer credit report with XX in the course number (2XX for junior options and 9XX for senior options). Generic credit means that while your courses are transferrable for university credit, the content is not identical enough to be considered directly equivalent to a UCalgary course (even though some of the content may be similar to the content within a UCalgary course).

If you've received generic credit (i.e. HTST 9XX) for a course you took somewhere else, don't take a similar course at UCalgary. If you do, you may risk losing credit for that course. 

  • When (and How) to Have Generic Transfer Credit Assessed

There are instances where it'll be important for you to get your generic transfer credit specifically looked at by your department. These include:

  • If you think one of your generic courses covered the same/similar material as a course you either want to take or have to complete to fulfill your degree requirements at UCalgary
  • If you think your generic credit could be used to waive a specific prerequisite for a course you want to take at UCalgary

In these instances, you'll need to have your generic transfer credit evaluated. You do this by submitting a course outline for the course (from the year you completed it) to the department that offers the subject at UCalgary. For example, to have ANTH 2XX evaluated, you'd take the course outline to UCalgary’s anthropology department for review.

The department that offers the course will review your course outline and determine either:

  • if there's enough content in the generic course for it to be considered equal to a UCalgary course; or
  • if a combination of generic courses can be used to fulfill a program requirement or waive a prerequisite

You need to make sure the department forwards a memo on your behalf to your academic advisor so that any generic credit rulings are officially applied to your program.

Note: the credit assessment process can take weeks to complete. You should start getting your credit assessed as soon as you’ve accepted your offer of admission. 

To get help preparing for registration, we recommend that you book an appointment with an advisor from your faculty. Advisors can help you:

  • choose courses to take based on the requirements of your degree
  • understand how your transfer credit applies to your UCalgary degree program
  • check your transfer credit report to see if any courses you’ve taken may need additional review by your faculty or an academic department.

Helpful tips

Register for the entire year

You can register for both your fall and winter terms at the same time. Take advantage of this opportunity and build your schedule for the entire year. Don’t wait until the end of the fall term to register for winter term, as your first-choice classes may be full.

Be aware of multi-term courses

A multi-term course runs over both the fall and winter terms. You must register for the course in each term as well as pick the same class section. Multi-term courses are identified as "A" for fall and "B" for winter. For example, to take Drama 200, register in DRAM 200A for the fall term and in DRAM 200B for the winter term.