Wajahat H.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneur Award

Awards and Scholarships


Wajahat is currently enrolled in Engineering. He chose this field because of his interest in logic, how things work, and ways to better society using technology. His future ambitions are to make advancements in green energy and try to raise awareness towards climate change which is posing as a serious threat to the human population.

Wajahat graduated from F.H.Collins Secondary School. His top three achievements during his high school years were: working to raise awareness for Islamophobia, receiving honors with distinction in his courses, and winning two tournaments while on the Senior Basketball Team.

The fact that the University of Calgary is one of the top research universities in Canada is what motivated Wajahat to study here. He hopes to make breakthroughs in research using the opportunities given to him by the University. Wajahat believes this prestige award will push him even harder towards his goals and give him the opportunity to focus on his education and make planes to achieve his goals.