Tiana C.

Chancellor's Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Tiana is enrolled in the Bachelor of Kinesiology program. She chose this program because it combines her love for sports medicine and biology with interactive learning and has practical application in the disabilities field through practicum and future career work. She hopes to pursue a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. Her goals are to promote the acceptance of those with disabilities, educate others and destigmatize these conditions. At its core, Tiana’s ambition is to help others through teaching and learning.

During her high school years, Tiana’s top three achievements were: being chosen as her school representative for the Chief Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council to promote student voice, organizing volunteer projects in her school over three years and creating her own project that allows students to volunteer in classrooms at Renfrew Educational Services, and being a leader in school athletics (field hockey, soccer, and cross country) as a player/captain.

Tiana chose the University of Calgary as their Kinesiology Program is highly praised. As she is born and raised in Calgary, she felt it was important to stay in her home city so that she can continue to give back to the community that has fostered her success thus far. She has created many connections, especially in the disabilities field, that will allow her to continue her volunteer work throughout university and allow her to continue expanding her knowledge and support of this community.

This award will motivate Tiana to continue giving back to her community while striving towards her academic and athletic goals. The Chancellor’s Club Scholarship will allow her to act as a dedicated and involved representative of the University of Calgary. She is so humbled and honoured to receive the Chancellor’s Club Scholarship, and is excited to begin post-secondary alongside an amazing group of fellow scholars and ambassadors.