Thomas L.

Seymour Schulich Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Thomas Leslie attended Bowness High School in Calgary. Thomas’s most prominent achievements are:

1. Bowness High School Lifetime Honour Society member with 97 per cent overall high school average.
2. Key member of concert and jazz bands throughout high school (playing alto saxophone).
3. Volunteered as a swimming instructor assistant while earning National Lifeguard and instructor-level accreditation in lifesaving, swimming, and CPR/first aid.

Thomas chose to study at the University of Calgary because of its unique dual-degree engineering-business program, as well as wanting to explore engineering in a world-class facility, while remaining in the hometown that he loves. Thomas is enrolled in the dual-degree engineering-business program, which he chose because he believes successful leaders and engineers of the future will need top interpersonal skills and a solid understanding of business, in addition to technical skills. Thomas's future career ambitions are open ended at this point but will likely combine their interest in cutting-edge mechanisms like industrial robots and advances in aeronautics, with opportunities he will find while at the UCalgary. Thanks to the Prestige Award, Thomas can focus all his energy on personal development and studying full time, without needing to work a job since the Award pays for his education. Thomas considers himself to be a well-rounded person with diverse interests, experiences, and talents. He has sailed a Laser dinghy on the Pacific Ocean, seen a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch at Cape Canaveral, and written a historical novel (unpublished). He is excited to contribute to and connect with new people in the UCalgary community, while pursuing the opportunities and education the University of Calgary has to offer.