Tausif T.

University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Tausif attended SFX Greenherald International School. Tausif graduated with Honours (top 10 per cent) from their high school with CGPA 4.0 and winner of Daily Star Award. They started a rooftop garden building venture, and Urban Tomorrow, to promote carbon neutrality and greenery in cities and advocate for better air quality. Tausif was the captain of their high school soccer team. Tausif led their team to two interschool championship trophies.

Tausif really admires how UCalgary focuses on not just making its students academically capable but also instilling in them, the entrepreneurial instincts and skills required to succeed in today's job market. Tausif personally experienced it in their first term here in the university and was truly pleased by all the extracurricular workshops and mentorship programs that it provides; not to mention the university's emphasis on mental health and leadership development. This coupled with the fact that the university campus is very modern and the campus itself is in one of the most alluring cities in the world is why they chose University of Calgary for their undergraduate studies.

Tausif is enrolled in the Schulich School of Engineering. He wants to innovate and improve the current state of energy technology to ensure a sustainable and efficient transition in the energy sector from the petroleum era. Tausif wants to have a very successful career in the energy sector. He hopes to use their knowledge and potential to innovate the sector and work in projects that will have a positive and wide scale impact on the society and help alleviate people's sufferings.

Tausif's Prestige Award will always inspire him to strive for greatness. The university acknowledging his potential has instilled confidence and self-belief within himself and he hopes to leave no stones unturned in utilizing his award to excel in his time here. Tausif always believes that with sheer focus and dedication, anything is possible. He's gone through several hardships and personal tragedies in life with the hope that the best of life is yet to come. As long as he still believes this, there are no obstacles so big that can deflect him from his path to achieve success and more importantly, happiness.