Shubh P.

Schulich Leader Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Shubh Patel graduated from the Grande Prairie Composite High School. His most prominent accomplishments are logging over 500 volunteer hours at Alberta Health Services. Shubh received the Leaders of Tomorrow Award, which honours outstanding leaders who exhibit excellence in volunteer work, activism, and athletics.

As a part of the HYRS program at the University of Alberta, Shubh spent a summer conducting cardiovascular research in Dr. Gary Lopaschuk’s lab .As the President of the Kiva Club, Shubh developed fundraisers and helped lend over $10,000 to entrepreneurs in impoverished communities around the world. They chose the University of Calgary for their undergraduate studies because of its renowned research facilities, its diverse and nurturing environment, and the remarkable opportunities and resources available to its students. It’s also located in the sunniest city in Canada that is home to a host of amenities and is a diverse and serene place to live.

Shubh is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science Honours biochemistry program. They chose this program because they are passionate about research and want to innovate novel therapies for those suffering from life-threatening diseases and conditions. As a scientist working with the United Nations, Shubh aspires to be making a difference by applying their passion for STEM towards catalyzing innovation in public health and biomedical research.

The impacts of this award are manifold and unquantifiable. Shubh is extremely grateful to be able to dedicate their time towards their academics and extracurriculars, and network with like-minded individuals - without having to worry about financial barriers. Shubh is extremely grateful to everyone who has been a part of their journey thus far and gotten them to where they are today, their friends for always having their back, Shubh's mentors and teachers for inspiring them to constantly become a better version of themselves, their family for their love and relentless support, and the University of Calgary and the Schulich Foundation for empowering Shubh with this award.