Shannon M.

Seymour Schulich Academic Excellence Ent. Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Shannon is enrolled in the Schulich School of Engineering. She chose the University of Calgary for her studies because she enjoyed the concept of a general first year, and the diversity of options for majors within engineering. Shannon would like to use her engineering degree to enrich the lives of others when she completes her studies.

Shannon graduated from Prince of Wales High School in Vancouver, BC. During high school, her top three accomplishments were achieving an average above 92% from grades 8 to 12, receiving the Fine Arts Excellence Award twice for her drawings and paintings, and placing 1st twice, 2nd once, and 3rd thrice at BC High School Swimming Provincials on the relay teams.

The size of the campus and facilities available contributed to Shannon’s choice to study at the University of Calgary. She is thankful for this prestige award, as it will allow her to focus more on her studies as she will not have to worry about her finances. It will also allow her to meet other academically focused students interested with making changes in the world.