Seth G.

Ena Lee Leaders in Business Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Seth Gilroy attended Bluefield High School, Hampshire, PE. Seth’s most prominent accomplishments are:

1. Earning the Governor General's Academic Medal.
2. Winning the 2020 Provincial Forest Envirothon with Seth's high school's team and being selected to represent Prince Edward Island at the NCF-Envirothon.
3. Winning Bluefield High School's annual Bobcat Team Relay all three years of high school.

Seth chose the University of Calgary, first and foremost, because University of Calgary had the program that Seth was interested in taking, a Bachelor of Commerce combined with a Bachelor of Science in actuarial science. The high ranking of the University of Calgary and the Haskayne School of Business helped him choose the University of Calgary when he was comparing it to other universities. What the city of Calgary has to offer also influenced his choice because he recognized that the university experience is not limited to academics. Calgary has multiple professional sports teams, a vibrant dining scene, and lots of locations for outdoor recreation, including city parks, multi-use pathways, and nearby national parks, provincial parks, and ski hills.

Seth is enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce in Business combined with Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science. He chose these degrees as they offer a mixture of technical and soft skill development that will set him up for a successful career. Seth would like to complete the licensing exams to become an actuary and work with an insurance company. However, his combined degrees will allow him to choose another job in business if he chooses not to become an actuary. The Prestige Award will allow Seth to fully experience the University of Calgary through academics, clubs, residence, social events, and extracurriculars without the added pressure of financial uncertainty dictating his decisions.