Seniru R.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneurial Entrance Award

Awards and Scholarships


Seniru Ruwanpura attended Sir Winston Churchill High School in Calgary, Alberta. His most prominent accomplishments are:

1. His accolades in Model United Nations, where he served as his high school's team captain, leading them to become the first Canadian team to win first place at the largest MUN conference in the world, NHSMUN.
2. Serving as the sixth president of Operation Med School Calgary, which organized events for high school students interested in a medical career.
3. Co-founding various STEM outreach organizations which hosted workshops and created research opportunities for high school students.

The choice to study at the University of Calgary was rooted in the fact that it has been an institution that has been a central part of Seniru's life thus far. He appreciates that the University has always served as a place of welcome for him through volunteering opportunities, competitions, and as a host for conferences that he has organized. Combined with its bustling and ever-growing resource base, alongside the university's proximity to home, the UCalgary was simply the perfect choice for Seniru. Seniru is enrolled in engineering, choosing this program to further elucidate his interests in entrepreneurship and product design. Throughout his time in the program, he hopes to critically analyze various problems, and design their solutions. Seniru hopes to attend law school in the future, where he intends to specialize in intellectual property law. As a career, he is looking into academia, where he can research new trends in IP law and delve into its ramifications on society.

For Seniru, his award is critical in freeing him fiscally to pursue meaningful activities that have a positive impact on society and working to implement change with his fellow students. The award allows him to place his passions above all else.