Sean U.

Chancellor's Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Sean Patrick Ulrich attended St. Jerome's Catholic School in Vermilion, Alta. His most prominent accomplishments are:

  • Competing twice in provincials for cross-country running
  • Sean's involvement with student council, which involved being elected student council vice president in Grade 12 and directing the setup of a school haunted house as chair of the Halloween committee
  • Becoming the valedictorian of their graduating class

Sean's decision to come to the University of Calgary was largely influenced by his sister's positive experience, especially with the Catholic community on campus. In addition, every time Sean visited he loved the atmosphere of the university and would imagine himself as a student, so Sean eventually became one.

Sean is in a Bachelor of Arts program with a major in Philosophy. His interest in philosophy came largely from his Catholic background; in university he really just wanted to expand his knowledge, to gain an understanding in various ways of seeing the world. Sean is not sure what his future career will look like, and for now is just experiencing life as a student. Whatever he ends up doing, Sean plans to remain connected to his Catholic faith and help others where he can.

This Prestige Award will help Sean so much while at UCalgary. It will provide a huge monetary benefit and it will give opportunities for volunteering and connecting with other people, which are all very valuable.