Sayuni E.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneurial Entrance Award

Awards and Scholarships


Sayuni Ekanayake attended Jerudong International School (Brunei) for their high school years. One of Sayuni's proudest achievements was pursuing Grade 8 piano and music theory. In school, Sayuni and a team launched a ‘Green Business’ project during Earth Day 2019, creating a locally sourced smoothie station. This project won the ‘most environmentally friendly business’ award and was featured in a local newspaper.

Sayuni has achieved the Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh awards which consisted of hiking for three days through tough terrain which pushed them to their physical and emotional limits. While researching UCalgary, Sayuni found that the campus community is full of a mixed range of people who all have different heritages and traditions. They felt that if they chose to enroll in this diverse community, Sayuni would feel at home as an international student.

Sayuni is enrolled in engineering. They chose this program because they wanted to pursue a career that enables them to aid others but at the same time focus on the fields of study that interest them and enables Sayuni to problem solve. Sayuni wants to complete their Bachelor of Science specializing in civil engineering and move towards doing a graduate program in the same field. This will enable them to broaden their knowledge as well open up more career options for the future. Because of this award, Sayuni won’t have to worry about financial support for their bachelors degree. This will help Sayuni pursue a graduate degree using their savings which will enable them to get further in their career.