Rylan M.

Schulich Leader Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


A self-taught computer programmer and app builder, Rylan enrolled in an undergraduate-level coding course at the University of Saskatchewan, where within the first two weeks, lecturer Ed Pokraka knew that Marianchuk would be a high achiever. Scoring 97 percent — the highest mark in the course — Rylan’s keen interest in coding and his in-depth questions about related topics demonstrated his extra-curricular study of challenging STEM concepts, says Pokraka.  

Rylan is a top achiever at Humbolt Collegiate Institute in Saskatchewan, and routinely wins gold or silver medals for holding the highest average in his school year. Outside of academic performance, Rylan’s accomplishments as a peer leader and team member on the HCI volleyball team were critical in helping the team with this year’s provincial championship.

Accepted to the Faculty of Science, a scholarship package valued at $80,000 will enable Rylan to further pursue the study of artificial intelligence and bioinformatics — two fields poised to impact and benefit society in the near future.