Raunak S.

Schulich Leader Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Raunak Sandhu attended Renert School for their high school years. Raunak's achievements in high school include becoming CEO of a start-up at the European Innovation Academy held in Portugal as well as attaining one hundred percent on their high school mathematics diploma exam in grade nine, and going on to complete multiple university level math and business courses. Outside of their academics, Raunak's largest accomplishments would be competing nationally as one of the top junior badminton players and leading their school to the city volleyball championship as captain.

Raunak was drawn to the University of Calgary for numerous reasons, one of them being the respected reputation that the university has within the program they applied to. Many individuals within Raunak's family, such as their sister and their dad having attended or currently attend the university and speak highly of their own experiences and quality of education here. Raunak also had the opportunity of attending an entrepreneurship conference held in Portugal with a group of UCalgary professors and students. They had an amazing time on this trip and really enjoyed the UCalgary community experience and made Raunak want to attend this university. Additionally, staying at home in Calgary allows Raunak to continue participating in the extracurricular activities they value such as playing competitive badminton at the national level. Raunak is looking forward to being able to pursue their goals in the sport, while furthering their education.

Raunak is enrolled in a computer science and business dual degree at the University of Calgary because it allows them to pursue their interests in computers, mathematics and business all in one program with two degrees. After the completion of their undergraduate degree, Raunak is interested in pursuing further education through a masters degree. Raunak has always enjoyed learning and some of their best memories and experiences have been at the schools they have attended. Raunak really feels honored and grateful to win the Schulich Leaders Scholarship. It will allow them to pursue their goals in the sport of badminton, while also furthering their academics in a program that they are deeply interested in.