Raleigh N.

Seymour Schulich Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Raleigh Nolan graduated from Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School. Raleigh took the initiative to become the lead editor and contributor of a concussion help website that consolidates resources and support for those suffering from concussions. In recognition of his exemplary leadership throughout his six years in the Sea Cadet program, he was awarded the Lord Strathcona Medal, which is the highest award a Cadet can receive. Raleigh competed twice at a national-level sailing regatta in Kingston, Ont, and became a sailing instructor to instruct and promote the sport of sailing.

First and foremost, Raleigh chose the University of Calgary for their studies in engineering thanks to its cutting-edge research and innovation in aerospace. Secondly, Raleigh was attracted to the array of student clubs, such as the Schulich Aero Design Team, that allow students such as himself to implement their theoretical knowledge into practical use. Lastly, the university is renowned for its creativity, innovation, and is reflective of the spirit of entrepreneurship of the Calgary area, all of which are fundamental traits for engineers. Raleigh is enrolled in general first year engineering, however he will pursue a degree in mechanical engineering and minor in aeronautical engineering. He chose this degree because he is passionate about aerospace and its magnificent feats of engineering. Raleigh's future career ambitions are to be involved in the research and development of new aeronautical technologies and be the lead engineer on an experimental aircraft program or privately funded space programs.

Raleigh's award will help him find employment as its prestigious nature is a testament to his abilities. It will remove the financial responsibility of university and afford him the time to work on aeronautical projects, his academics and serve his community. Raleigh would like to thank Seymour Schulich, and the University of Calgary for the amazing opportunities they have provided to him, and the other scholars. Raleigh will ensure to put the opportunities to good use and is proud to be an ambassador to the University of Calgary.