Rajpreet G.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneur Award

Awards and Scholarships


Rajpreet is enrolled in a Bachelor of Science, in the Engineering Faculty. She chose this program because she would like to be an Engineer. Throughout her degree, she hopes to gain the education and the knowledge to solve problems, discover possibilities and to invent useful resources. She believes Engineering has the capacity not only to observe as changes occur but to create change in the world.

Rajpreet graduated from Western Canada High School in Calgary, AB. Her top three accomplishments during high school were: achieving the Bronze level of Duke of the Edinburgh International Award, holding a leadership role in the Calgary Police Cadet Corps Program, as an advisor and mentor in the Youth Inclusive Program, and as an advisor for the RCMP National Youth Advisory Committee, and being a lifetime member of the Western Canada Honour Society.

The University of Calgary is one of the leading universities in research, is known worldwide, and offers numerous, remarkable undergraduate programs. Rajpreet was drawn to the internship programs, university’s incorporation of sustainability into engineering education, and hands-on learning opportunities. She believes that by studying Engineering at the University of Calgary, she will gain better capacity to think inventively, solve problems and work collaboratively with the diverse groups of people in her cohort.

This prestige award will impact Rajpreet significantly, by offering opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, mentors and leaders. It will further encourage her to achieve her academic goals while simultaneously motivating her to give back to the community through volunteering. Rajpreet says, “I am extremely grateful for this scholarship, it will definitely enhance my university experience by allowing me to do internships and research projects outside of the classroom.”