Quinn F.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneurial Entrance Award

Awards and Scholarships


Quinn Fearey attended Bishop Carroll High School. Quinn’s most prominent accomplishments are:

1. 2020 Loran Scholar Finalist
2. Community Leadership Award
3. 2018 Soccer Provincial Champions

The University of Calgary has given Quinn the opportunity to pursue two degrees simultaneously and has a wide range of clubs and community involvement programs that has allowed for him to get involved in the school community whilst pursuing the volunteer opportunities that he wishes. This combination of academic programming and community spirit led him to choose the University of Calgary for Quinn's undergraduate studies.

Quinn is enrolled in the combined degree majoring in engineering and business and he chose this program as he believes it will provide him with a combination of soft and hard skills equipping him with a diverse range of skills to pursue and obtain his goals. Quinn hopes to work towards developing equipment and software that helps with communication between non-verbal special needs students and teachers. Working with these students at his high school has inspired him to work towards this goal and make a change.

This Prestige Award will provide Quinn with the time and opportunities to have a more meaningful university experience being able to experience and contribute to impactful causes. Having this freedom will let Quinn make the most out of his time at UCalgary.