Paul S.

Chancellor’s Club Scholarship Award Winner

Awards and Scholarships


Paul is a little unsure about his future career. However, he is interested in pursuing a career in either research or medicine. However, what he does know is that he wants to help people, both locally and internationally, to make positive change.

Before coming to University of Calgary, Paul graduated from St. Mary's High School. His top three achievements in high school were: being co-president of the Interact club, aiming to get high school students involved in the community through volunteering at school and various organizations; his Vice-President role in the Tuscany Venture Company allowed him to connect to the community through outdoor activities; and lastly, through the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, he lived in Spain for a year. Not only did he enrich my understanding of the Spanish language and culture, he fostered lasting friendships with other foreign exchange students.

Paul chose to study here as the University of Calgary gives students a myriad of unique experiences outside of academics; the university offers opportunities for students to study in over 200 universities. He is also interested in the university’s profound research-intensive mandate. Moreover, he is drawn to the prestigious atmosphere at the university, since it is a top 10 university in Canada. Foremost, the University of Calgary places emphasis on innovative thinking, for example, being a neuroscience student, he is fascinated by the University of Calgary's prominent role in the development of the neurochip.

Paul explains the impact of receipt of the Chancellor’s Club Scholarship: “The Chancellor's Club Scholarship will aid me in forming connections with other like-minded students and community leaders. As well, the scholarship will allow me to pursue my passion of helping people through volunteer work and leadership. Words cannot describe how truly appreciative I am of the donors of the Chancellor's Club Scholarship. Thank you for continuing to support the development and education of future leaders.”