Paige B.

Chancellor's Scholarship

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Paige Babin attended Westmount Charter School in Calgary, Alta. Paige's top three achievements to date are the hundreds of hours she contributed to volunteering in school and
her community at nine different organizations, leading an initiative to reduce paper waste in the school and community which gave her the opportunity to meet Jane Goodall, and attending Canadian nationals as both a synchronized skater and as a member in concert band.

The University of Calgary holds much meaning for Paige. As a fourth-generation Calgarian in a family with many University of Calgary alumni, she looks forward to carrying on her commitment to making the Calgary community better. The university gives her the opportunity to improve and enhance the city that she grew up in by collaborating with like-minded peers and students in an inspiring and welcoming community. Paige is enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in psychology. She chose this program because of her interest in discovering more about human behaviours, and because of the diverse range of subjects, options and careers that a degree can provide her with. Paige is interested in pursuing a career in speech-language pathology or occupational therapy. Ultimately, her ideal career is one where she is able to help people, as she finds this type of position very rewarding.

Paige is very grateful to be a recipient of this scholarship. The award will enable her education, leadership, and volunteerism, allowing her to focus on postsecondary success, which she feels is setting her up for success for the rest of her career.