Mitchel P.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneurial Entrance Award

Awards and Scholarships


Mitchel Pedersen attended the National Sport School in Calgary AB. One of Mitchel's top achievements has been becoming a national team member in trampoline and tumbling and representing Canada at four international events. As well, Mitchel has been able to give back to his sport by volunteering as a judge and as a coach for younger athletes. In addition, Mitchel was able to complete high school in January 2020 while taking opportunities to help out his classmates with studies and organize and volunteer in school events.

Living in Calgary, studying at University of Calgary allows him to stay within his community, and potentially tackle issues that affect him locally. The University of Calgary provides a great engineering undergraduate program that will help Mitchel to pursue a successful career. Mitchel is in his first year at the Schulich School of Engineering, looking to specialize in Mechanical Engineering. He chose this program to learn more about technology and to learn how to solve complex problems. Mitchel hopes to work in an industry that is innovating and contribute to the development of new technology. He thinks that working at a Canadian tech company would be ideal, but he is looking to take the best opportunities available to him.

The prestige award will allow him to focus on studying, training, and continue to explore community service while spending less time working and focusing on income. Mitchel is extremely grateful for the opportunities that this award has provided him. Mitchel is looking forward to their journey as a UCalgary student and being able to continue to give back to his community. Thank you.