Michelle C.

Seymour Schulich Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Michelle Chow attended West Island College for her high school years. Some of her most prominent accomplishments are being a yearbook editor for the past five years, attending the SHAD program at York University, and receiving the award for Highest Academic Average in Grade 10 and 11.

Michelle chose the University of Calgary because of the diverse range of opportunities and strong academic programs that it offers. She has had many positive experiences at the University of Calgary during high school through its many events, competitions, and programs, so it felt like a natural choice. Many of her family members also attended the UCalgary and they always spoke highly of their experience. Choosing to pursue engineering because of the drive creative and innovative change in society; helping to build a more sustainable future. She loves problem solving and critical thinking and hopes to make a positive difference through engineering.

As of now, Michelle is still undecided about which engineering specialization she would like to pursue. Michelle hopes to use her engineering degree to have a positive impact in society, especially through promoting greater sustainability in technology. Michelle is incredibly grateful for the Prestige Award because it will allow her to focus on her academics and extra-curriculars during her degree, giving Michelle the opportunity to pursue her interests and passions alongside her education!