Michael P.

Chancellor's Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Michael Pullishy attended Westmount Charter School for his high school years. His most prominent achievements were a grade of 98 per cent in Math 31, third place at 2018 Biathlon Nationals, and Westmount Music Award in 2016. Michael chose UCalgary because it is close to home for him, and has a geomatics engineering degree program, which is unique to Western Canada.

He is enrolled in his first year of engineering. Michael chose engineering because he enjoys math, physics and maps, and is interested in career opportunities that use knowledge and skills in these areas. Michael's goal is to work in a civil engineering field, such as dam construction or highway design, or a geomatics engineering field such as GIS or autonomous vehicles. The Chancellor’s Scholarship allows Michael to focus on academics, and have time to give back to the community, without having to think too much about finances.

Michael thanks you to the donors of the prestige scholarships! Your generosity has a tremendous positive impact!