Maxwell S.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneurial Entrance Award

Awards and Scholarships


Maxwell Shedd attended the Queen Elizabeth High School in Calgary, Alta. Maxwell's proudest achievement was being able to represent his high school class as valedictorian for 2020. His second proudest achievement was being a co-lead for organizing a Bike-a-Thon charity fundraiser at his high school. Maxwell's third proudest achievement was achieving a 4.0 in two dual-credit courses (through open studies) at the UCalgary in Grade 11.

Maxwell chose the University of Calgary because of the university’s top notch educational opportunities and vibrant environment of extracurricular projects. He was originally drawn in by his experience in the open studies program in high school. What sealed the deal was the engineering-business dual degree program, and the application driven learning provided through the wide range of student teams like Solar Car, Schulich Racing, or SOAR.

Maxwell enrolled in the engineering-business dual degree program. He chose the dual degree program to gain a broad skill set and leave his career path open ended. He's not set on a career path, but as someone that loves hands on work, Maxwell's looking to pursue mechanical engineering and see where opportunities in life take him. He hopes to become one of the local leaders that fuel Calgary’s entrepreneurial spirit! This award has given him the chance to explore his passions on campus without needing to worry about part time work. Through hard work and dedication, Maxwell hopes to benefit those around him and share the wonders that  science and engineering can bring.

Maxwell would like to thank the donor, Seymour Schulich, for this unbelievable opportunity. Awards such as this are life changing opportunities that give students the ability to explore their education to its fullest. He hopes the University of Calgary continues to invest in scholarship opportunities to allow students more freedom in their education.