Maria B.

Schulich Leader Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Showing that she has already risen to the occasion, Maria Baclig demonstrated her aptitude for excellence in a presentation on fruit fly genotypes during a highly competitive summer research program at the University of Alberta.

As a Schulich leader, Maria's motivation to pursue an engineering education builds on her desire to develop innovative solutions to problems that help people and their communities directly. Maria will receive a scholarship package valued at $100,000.

Maria's role as the junior girls basketball coach and captain of the varsity women’s volleyball team positions her as an important figure at Louis St. Laurent Catholic School in Edmonton, both as a team leader and as a mentor to younger students. Her teacher Carole Carby attributes her maturity, organization, and problem-solving skills as key ways she inspires and mentors those in her community. Maria has been accepted to the Schulich School of Engineering.