Maggie T.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneur Award

Awards and Scholarships


Maggie is enrolled in Engineering, with a large interest research. She is looking forward to developing different approaches to innovative thinking, creativity, and problem solving that come with being an engineer. Her goal is to be a biomedical researcher at the forefront of biotechnological advancement. Maggie would like to work in academia and be a mentor to others, to excite them about STEM and research and to provide a space for curiosity, like a think tank!

Maggie graduated from John G. Diefenbaker High School in Calgary, AB. During her high school years, her top three achievements were: co-founding and acting as President of the Diefenbaker Science Club, working as a student researcher and program participant in the Heritage Youth Research Summer Program (HYRS), and receiving the John Evans Entrance Engineering Scholarship from the Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation.

The choice to study at the University of Calgary was driven by Maggie’s personal experience with how amazing the professors are, as well as the funding for research, facilities, and the global importance that the University of Calgary emphasizes on research. Maggie’s time as a research student in the HYRS program last summer, in Dr. Laura Curiel’s Ultrasound and Technology Lab, reaffirmed her of how important mentorship is and kick-started her passion for research. She also chose this University hoping for future opportunities with the new Calgary Cancer Centre (currently under construction), and is excited to see how the biomedical engineering industry can be better established within the next few years in Calgary because of this increase in resources.

For Maggie, her prestige award will give her the freedom to engage in activities that benefit personally and the community that she otherwise would not have the chance to participate in if working part-time while in school. She looks forward to using her time to pursue passions and interests alongside studying. She looks forward to spending lots of time adventuring in the mountains, as a lover of hiking, the outdoors, and fresh air! However, bugs are not welcome on her excursions.