Linnaea C.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneur Award

Awards and Scholarships


Linnaea is enrolled in the Engineering Program, with a desire to go into Civil Engineering after her second year. She has always been interested in sustainable building design and believes that Civil Engineering will enable her to pursue this interest. She hopes to focus on designing environmentally sustainable buildings, particularly buildings that produce more renewable energy then they consume. Linnaea also plans to focus on affordable housing solutions for those in need and on disaster relief shelters.

Linnaea graduated from Springbank Community High School in Calgary, AB. Her top three achievements in high school were: receiving an excellence award for achievement in the French as a Second Language program, being nominated to be the valedictorian for Springbank’s graduating class of 2019 based on my grades and involvement, and initiating and organizing a donation drive for the Calgary Drop-In Centre, where in less then a week the school collected a full truckload of food, clothing, books and household items.

What initially interested Linnaea in the University of Calgary was the ability to enhance her learning with the unique options offered at the Schulich School of Engineering. The common first year allows her to explore all types of engineering and will provide a more diverse foundation no matter which specialization of engineering she chooses to pursue in the coming years. Linnaea also looks forward to the opportunities provided by the internship program to take learning beyond the classroom and experience the many aspects of working as an engineer. However, her biggest draw to UCalgary was the involved campus community and the diversity of clubs and organizations offered. Community engagement is incredibly important to Linnaea; volunteering and helping others brings her joy and she can’t wait to get involved in organizations that will support her in pursuing her passions.

The Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneurial Award has given Linnaea the financial freedom to fully immerse herself in her education and community service. She is grateful for the opportunity to focus on her studies and pursue her passions.