Liam Y.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneurial Entrance Award

Awards and Scholarships


Liam graduated from Westmount Charter School. Liam's top three achievements during high school would be:

1. The rescue of seven dogs from an acreage and 17 cats from a cottage as a part of two different front-line rescues with Pause4Change
2. Fostering 13 dogs through Pause4Change, and helping them all find good and caring homes
3. His achievements during eight years of fencing, including growth as an athlete, coach, and referee, and his gold medal at the Canada Cup West Tournament.

Liam chose the University of Calgary due to the high quality of education available, the ability to have the support of family and friends in the Calgary area, and the option to do a dual business/engineering degree as part of an established program. Liam is enrolled in the Haskayne and Schulich Dual degree program. Engineering has always been of interest to him, as it matches well with his hobbies, and Liam believes the commerce degree will expand his  skills further, aiding him in his career. Liam hopes to work to expand and improve green energy options available, primarily solar and geothermal. With widely available and cost-effective green energy options, we can lessen our dependence on oil and gas for everyday utilities.

The Schulich Scholars Award Liam has received will allow him to dedicate himself more to his volunteering and studies, alongside further encouraging him to grow his leadership skills.