Katelyn S.

Leader in Health Sciences Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Katelyn is enrolled in the Bachelor of Health Sciences, with a major in Biomedical Sciences.  She was drawn to this program because the Cumming School of Medicine Health Sciences degree has a unique focus on research and innovation, and the active approach to learning. She could simply learn from books and lectures, but is excited about the potential offered by an honours program with like-minded students. Katelyn hopes to pursue a specialty in pediatric medicine. In terms of the medicine field, she believes it is one of the most impactful careers, as Children need advocates who see the value in the life ahead of them. There is true potential to make a difference.

Katelyn graduated from Notre Dame High School in Calgary, Alberta. During her high school years, her top three accomplishments were: receiving a Youth of Distinction Award for outstanding community leadership recognizing her contribution to Kids Cancer Care and Special Olympics Canada, being selected to chair the Mental Health and Wellness initiative in her school and later acting as a representative for Mental Health, presenting across southern Alberta and at the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Center, and receiving the Student of the Year award at the Pride Scholars Event, acknowledging her dedication to academic success, leadership and integrity.

The University of Calgary was practically Katelyn’s backyard growing up in Calgary. She has attended summer camps, field trips, and research excursions on campus since she was in elementary school. UCalgary is close to home both in her heart and geographically. In addition to being an amazing place to study, the University was already a part of Katelyn’s larger community. By attending the University of Calgary, Katelyn can continue to live at home, in the heart of the community that she loves, is involved in, and is already committed to.

Katelyn’s prestige award offers her unparalleled support, enabling her to dive into her studies wholeheartedly, free of distraction. It also makes it far more feasible for her to contribute meaningfully to the University of Calgary community which she feels is both a responsibility and a pleasure to do.