Kai M.

Seymour Schulich Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Kai Michael McDermott attended the Centre for Learning at Home for their high school education. Kai's top high school achievements are serving on the Minister of Education’s 2019 Student Summer Advisory Panel and 2019-20 Youth Council. Another of his top achievements is obtaining his National Lifeguard and Swim Instructor certifications through the Canadian Lifesaving Society at age 16. He is also very proud of the fact he was able to complete high school while maintaining an average above 95 per cent.

Kai chose to attend the University of Calgary because he was excited about their engineering program and believed that it would provide the best education for his situation. Kai was excited about the amazing engineering faculty and student community at the university which Kai believed would help him be a well-rounded individual and excel in his academics. Another reason why he chose the University of Calgary because it was close to home which enabled him to enjoy the vibrant university experience while maintaining the support system of his family and friends. Kai is enrolled in the Schulich School Engineering and plans on pursuing a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering. He chose this program because he is fascinated by designing technologies that can improve the quality of life for others. Kai plans on becoming a mechanical engineer with a minor in aerospace engineering and working in military research and design. He is especially interested in drone systems and hopes to design drone systems for use in the military.

While he is at UCalgary, the Prestige Award will allow him to focus on his studies and have a much better university experience than he otherwise could, because Kai will be able to prioritize studying over work due to the financial security it provides. Kai would like to thank everyone who makes this award a reality for their hard work and contributions. He believes that it improves the mental health of everyone who receives it and provides many opportunities that students would otherwise not have access to.