Jillian K.

Chancellor's Scholarship

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Jillian is currently in a Bachelor of Health Sciences, majoring in biomedical sciences. She is passionate and dedicated to improving the lives of others and has always had an adoration for medicine. This allows her to show leadership and apply problem solving skills and challenge herself. Currently she is focused on getting experience in various fields of medicine as she begins to narrow her decision for which path she wants to take. Her passions involve working with animals and children and plan to dedicate her life to assisting both in any way.

Jillian had graduated from Queen Margaret's School, in Duncan, B.C. During her high school years, her top three achievements were where after volunteering with Canucks Autism Network, she was sought for paid position to further support autistic individuals/families, being nominated for/won Youth Community Enhancement Award/recipient significantly impacts community typified through her 100+ hours of volunteer service to senior/child facilities, assisting elderly/young at young age herself evolved her as powerful leader/advocate, and graduating top student, receiving highest prestige award/government awards, accepted various salient leadership positions.

In the 1800s, her ancestors settled in Calgary in search of new opportunities; she plans to attend the University of Calgary for the same reason. Initially, she was drawn to the crisp snowfalls and the Stampede excitement, but as she began to assimilate her family’s history, her attraction heightened. She admired the homestead of her great-great-grandparents, despite most of the farmland being incorporated by the city, and a Costco replacing grazing cattle. Her grandmother, however, donated her land to the community, on which she built Elliston Park. Her family made significant contributions to Calgary, including the Calgary Stampede where awards are administered in their names.

Alberta is forced to reinvent themselves and create new horizons in the midst of the oil crisis. With the construction and inauguration of advanced health care facilities, one being the Calgary Cancer Centre located blocks from campus, the university’s focus on scientific research will expand through new opportunities. UCalgary is one of few schools to offer her chosen program, Biomedical Sciences, and she intends to help make Calgary a top medical city. She will bring to the campus community her powerful ability to lead groups and contribute in a team environment, thus inspiring like-minded individuals to imagine a superior future to work towards.

Embracing her continual drive to volunteer, she cannot think of a better city to live in, or school to attend. Through Spruce Meadows and the Stampede, her adoration for animals wouldn’t be solitary, and the accessibility of numerous human health care facilities would ensure limitless learning opportunities. The city is known for its volunteerism, evident through the collective rebuilding after the 2013 flood, and the planning and execution to counteract the damage was inspirational as she is a keen problem solver and trouble shooter. Many leaders manage their expectations to where “good is good enough”, but in this case, “good enough” wouldn’t have sufficed. She prides herself on organization and communication and prioritizes building a productive community where each individual enjoys and accelerates in their duty.

Attending the University of Calgary has allowed her to carry on her Calgarian family’s legacy, create new history, and open doors for future generations.

Not having to worry about money allowed her to not give up on her dreams of working in medicine, instead focusing on her passions in hopes of being able to positively influence someone’s life just as much as this scholarship has positively influenced hers. Words cannot describe how thankful she is for having been given the opportunity to extend her post-secondary education by means of this scholarship, and she would like to sincerely thank the donors as well as her parents for all of the support.