Jaime W.

Chancellor’s Club Scholarship Award Winner

Awards and Scholarships


Some of Jaime’s long-term goals include mastering French and publishing a short story collection. She is not really sure what I'd like to do in terms of a career yet, but thinks she'd like to work overseas, maybe for an international organization like the UN.

Before coming to University of Calgary, Jaime graduated from Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School. Her top three achievements in high school were: receiving a 2018 ATB Loran Provincial Award; being part of the 2018 AIBF Honour Band; and successfully completing the DELF B2 exam.

Jaime chose to study here as she likes the fact that the University of Calgary offers two separate degree streams for social and cultural anthropology and biological anthropology as opposed to a single, more general degree; she feels as though this will allow her to focus on what really interests her.

Jaime explains the impact of receipt of the Chancellor’s Club Scholarship: "Receiving the Chancellor's Club Scholarship means that it is much more feasible for me to do a year abroad, something I've always wanted to do. I also feel incredibly motivated going into first year because I want to be deserving of this scholarship!"