Jackson C.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneur Award

Awards and Scholarships


Jackson is enrolled in the Schulich School of Engineering: This program will allow him to apply science in order to design and develop the solutions of tomorrow. It will further teach him the skills to analyze the problems at hand. Jackson intends to use his learn at UCalgary to become a Medical Entrepreneur: designing and deploying solutions in health care, further creating sustainability through innovation.

Before coming to University of Calgary, Jackson graduated William Aberhart High School. His top three achievements in high school were: being the Next Generation Leaders Scholarship and Business Case Competition winner; being a part of the Heritage Youth Researcher Summer; and winning the Startup Weekend Best Pitch and Continuation of Startup following the competition

Jackson chose to study here at the University of Calgary as it will allow him to have both the social and academic support to ensure his success in making a meaningful impact in both the local and international community. He believes this to be true for anyone who decides to become a part of the University and its vibrant city. One of the strongest reasons for why he decided to attend this University is its commitment to entrepreneurship. The university shows this commitment through its Hunter Hub facility, Ward of the 21st century and the impending opening of its new Life Sciences Innovation Hub. These facilities and programs allow for anyone to take an idea and make it a reality; making a meaningful impact along the way. He believes this commitment to entrepreneurship will best allow students to become the innovative leaders of tomorrow.  

Jackson explains the impact of receipt of the Seymour Schulich Community Service Award: "I am aware of the responsibility such an award brings. I will work harder at UCalgary to be someone fit for the award given to me; this often means taking leadership roles and continuing to contribute to my community. I am extraordinarily grateful for the opportunity to study at UCalgary and I am excited for the personal growth I will most surely experience while attending!"