Isabella U.

Seymour Schulich Academic Excellence Ent. Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Isabella is enrolled in Engineering. She chose the engineering program because of her love for dynamics, kinematics, and thermodynamics in class. She is fascinated by the intricate details of machines, and fixing them to produce their useful outcome. Isabella hopes to specialize in Mechanical Engineering, with a minor in astrophysics, and also to obtain a Master’s degree. She’s unsure where life may take her after that, but hopes for happiness in whatever career she pursues.

Isabella graduated from Webber Academy in Calgary, AB. During her high school years, her top three achievements were: acting as Editor-in-Chief for her school’s literary magazine where she implemented new communication methods for all the members, tutoring French for two years to younger students at her school, and being a student leader in rugby in order keep the rugby program alive.

The choice to study at the University was easy for Isabella, as it already felt like home. The campus feels welcoming and she’s had so many opportunities throughout the years with her school to explore the campus, allowing her to fall in love with it even more. When Isabella went to the Women in Engineering event in high school, she was exposed to all the amazing work women were doing and became excited to join competition teams like Team Zeus. The camaraderie she witnessed that day and overwhelming positive stories of the university from peers and teachers made her choose the University of Calgary as the place where she will flourish.

This award will alleviate financial stress for Isabella, and encourage her to pursue her goals of a graduate degree in mechanical engineering. It will also serve as a reminder of all of the people that have helped her along the journey, and everyone she will be able to help in the future. Isabella is very thankful for this opportunity and will continuously use it to encourage others to put their best selves forward. She is excited for her life at the University of Calgary to begin.