Hannah M.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneurial Entrance Award

Awards and Scholarships


Hannah is a first-year student in Schulich School of Engineering. She loves maths, physics, chemistry and solving problems. Through her education, she hopes to gain a better understanding of the world around her; to drive purposeful innovation; and to meet great people. She hopes to pursue mechanical engineering as it intrigues her, opens doors and may be a passion. Thereafter, she plans to pursue an MBA to combine technical expertise and management skills towards one day holding a leadership role in an engineering firm.

Hannah had graduated from Sentinel Secondary School, West Vancouver, B.C. During her high school years, her top three achievements were being a Member of Team Canada, and winning team, of 2019 global finals of International Space Settlement Design Contest, an aerospace industry simulation sponsored by NASA and Boeing, being the first-ever youth keynote speaker, ‘Space City Design’, to an audience of Greater Vancouver high school students at Millennium STEM, and co-founding a STEM Club and Computer Coding Club in Grade 11/12 high school, to encourage students towards enthusiasm for STEM subjects, STEM pathways and computer coding skills.

Her and her family had visited the University of Calgary in summer 2018. They were impressed by the modern buildings, extensive labs and engineering program; by the diverse clubs; and by the friendly people. The engineering program, including its optional one-year internship and professional development allowance, struck her as attractive for both students and industry. She could not only see herself studying here but reveling in the community and the experience.

The prestige award will provide both finance and opportunity. It will give her capacity to focus on studies; to engage like-minded peers in the scholar’s community; and provide a platform by which she can contribute to UCalgary and STEM communities.