Gabriella G.

Chancellor's Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Gabriella is enrolled in a Bachelors of Science Degree, with a major in Physics. She loves how physics examines the interconnectedness of the universe, and challenges us to think critically beyond what you think you know. After the completion of her BSc, she will be pursuing a degree in education, ultimately leading to a career as a high school teacher. She wants to get young minds excited about science, and give them a strong scientific foundation to grow from.

Gabriella graduated from Notre Dame High School in Calgary, AB. During her high school years, one of her top achievements was being one of forty students in the world selected to participate in the International Summer School for Young Physicists at the Perimeter Institute. Gabriella also won multiple awards within her high school, including those for the top marks in physics 30 and 35, chemistry 35, and for outstanding school contributions. She is also very proud of the research she completed through the University of Calgary into the element and isotopic composition of teeth.

Gabriella chose the University of Calgary because it is close to home, and she has had many positive experiences at the university throughout high school. She was impressed by the university’s commitment to outreach, as seen by public events at the RAO, and the many opportunities for high school students to get involved in science on campus.

The prestige award will provide Gabriella with the financial security to be able to confidently devote a greater amount of time to academics and extracurricular activities than if she did not receive the award.