Emma S.

Chancellor’s Club Scholarship Award Winner

Awards and Scholarships


Once Emma graduates she hopes to obtain a career as a director or screenwriter. And then use this position to advocate for social justice, as this is a passion of Emma’s and film is the perfect platform to inform and influence the world in regards to human rights.

Before coming to University of Calgary, Emma graduated from Balfour Collegiate in Regina, SK. Her top three achievements in high school were: receiving the award for highest academic average in Grade 9, 10, 11, and 12; was on the Student Resource Council (SRC) for four years and in Grade 12 served as Vice-President; and lastly, for the school musical in 2018, she was cast in a lead role and was also chosen to be one of the choreographers.

Emma chose the University of Calgary because of the highly regarded program it offers in the field of study that she is interested in. She also received more support and guidance from the University of Calgary than she did from any other school that I applied to. This level of commitment to their students combined with the reputable standard of their undergraduate programs is, therefore, what lead her to her decision.

Emma explains the impact of receipt of the Chancellor’s Club Scholarship: “[i]t will impact me by offering the support and encouragement I need to succeed to the best of my abilities while in university. It will also give me the opportunity to meet people who can offer guidance that will help me achieve this level of success. I am very grateful to have received the Chancellor's Club Scholarship. I believe it will help me reach all the goals I hope to achieve while at university. Because of this, I am very excited to begin my journey as an undergrad student here at the University of Calgary.”