Emily W.

Chancellor’s Club Scholarship Award Winner

Awards and Scholarships


Before coming to University of Calgary, Emily graduated from Balfour Collegiate. Crofton House School in Vancouver, BC. Her top three achievements in high school were: an amazing opportunity to start a pen pal program between her school and Acwsalcta, a school in Bella Coola; sitting on the CARE Awareness and Education committee where she worked with other youth on the Malawi Project and the annual Walk in Her Shoes event; lastly, Emily sits on the Vancouver Youth Council where she provides input on making policy changes and organizing community events.

Emily chose the University of Calgary because it is a fantastic school! As well, she was born and raised in Edmonton, so she wanted to come back to Alberta for post-secondary.

Emily explains the impact of receipt of the Chancellor’s Club Scholarship: “The Chancellor’s Club Scholarship has already made a large impact on my life! I am so grateful for this incredible opportunity to represent the University of Calgary and to further my education.”