Dorit G.

Ena Lee Leaders in Business Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Dorit is enrolled in the Haskayne School of Business Commerce program. She chose to study business because it will help improve her leadership and entrepreneurial skills, along with her communication, management and networking abilities. She hopes to find a balance between helping people and creating a comfortable lifestyle. She aspires to be a successful businesswoman, who can be seen as a role model for others, working for a large corporation in a leadership capacity.

Dorit graduated from Western Canada High School in Calgary, AB. Her top three achievements during her high school years were: being selected as valedictorian for the Class of 2019, receiving the Grade 12 Citizenship Recognition Award, and receiving a variety of other university entrance awards.

Her choice to study at the University of Calgary was influenced by various reasons. Firstly, Dorit wants to attend one of the best business schools in Canada. The Haskayne School of Business offers an enriched curriculum, with quality classes and interactive learning sessions. She feels honored and privileged to be taught by top-notch academics and industry leaders. She also sees Calgary as a vibrant economic environment that she plans to thrive in and apply her learning outcomes. She looks forward to staying close to family and friends that motivate her and push her closer to her goals. Lastly, Dorit is interested in the athletic programs, musical opportunities and campus lifestyle offered by the university.

This award will help Dorit financially, educationally and personally. She will be living on campus, which will help immerse her in campus life. She will not have financial concerns, which leaves more time for her to learn and get involved. After receiving this award, Dorit was humbled. Knowing that she was chosen for this prestigious award will continue to motivate and push her to work hard and fulfill her goals.