Dimitar J.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneurial Entrance Award

Awards and Scholarships


Dimitar is in engineering, planning to go into software engineering. He chose this degree because he loves the process of building things, and he eventually hopes to work in the innovative tech industry, and this degree allows him to do both. After graduating, he hopes to either start his own company or work in an industry that is involved in developing the tech of the future. Either way, he hopes to be involved in using technology and innovation to solve the problems of our generation.

Dimitar had graduated from Centennial High School. During his high school years, his top three achievements were his consistent academic success throughout high school and maintaining an average in the 90s each year. His second achievement was being able to balance academics, volunteering, and at one point working three jobs, while finding time for myself, sports, and hobbies. His final achievement was teaching himself programming and game development and beginning to work on his own mobile games, while also learning about and working on an ecommerce business.

He chose UCalgary as Calgary is quickly becoming one of the most entrepreneurial cities in Canada, and the entrepreneurial spirit of the University of Calgary is at the heart of that. UCalgary provides countless opportunities and resources for entrepreneurial and ambitious students to pursue their dreams in a variety of industries, and this myriad of entrepreneurial opportunities was very appealing. There are also a number of clubs, teams, and competitions that he wanted to get involved in that attracted him to UCalgary.

The Prestige Award will connect him with like-minded individuals and leaders with which he will be able to share and pursue his ambitions with. It will also continually inspire him to pursue new opportunities and give back to my community whenever he can.