Cole R.

Schulich Leader Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Cole chose to pursue a Bachelor of Science in engineering due to his passion for teamwork, problem-solving, math, and science. He feels like engineering is a great fit for these passions, and his future goals, such as addressing climate change. He would like to create his own engineering firm that offers sustainable development solutions to communities both locally and worldwide. In particular, he wants to offer innovative solutions as the world shifts to renewable energy sources.

Cole had graduated from Bishop O'Byrne High School. During his high school years, his top three achievements were being the co-president of a volunteer initiative that raised schoolrecord amounts of money for Operation Eyesight, an international charity that works to prevent avoidable blindness in developing nations. Additionally, through the help of amazing teachers and peers, he was able to achieve a score of 36 in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Finally, as a member of the Babe Ruth Rockies, he received the 2018 Matt Krol Sportsmanship Award.

He chose the University of Calgary for the fact that along with its stellar academic and research reputation, the University of Calgary has a diverse and vibrant community that fosters both academic and personal growth within students. As a high school student, having the opportunity to grow as an individual throughout his years of academic study was something he valued greatly when choosing where to study. Also, having been born and raised within Calgary, he had heard lots about the university and what it offered to members of the school community. He learned of the many great experiences that the university offered from graduates and students from a wide variety of faculties. Along with this, he had the chance to participate in the SET Challenge, which is an event hosted and prepared by the university. This helped him discover a passion for teamwork and problem solving that led him to choose engineering. He looks forward to becoming a part of the University of Calgary community through active participation within clubs and campus events, as well as a student at the Schulich School of Engineering.

This award will allow him to devote more of his time to extracurriculars such as clubs around campus and explore his passions and interests within his field. He looks forward to exploring many of the leadership opportunities during his time at UCalgary.

He is incredibly thankful to the University of Calgary, as well as the Schulich Foundation, for allowing him to be named a Schulich Leader. This opportunity and honor is nothing short of lifechanging, and he looks forward to being a member of the community at UCalgary, as well as a part of the Schulich Leader Network. He is excited to see what these next years bring, and he hopes to contribute as much as he can to the university, as well as his community, with the help of this award.