Chelsea W.

Chancellor's Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Chelsea is currently in a biological sciences BSc program. She chose to pursue this program because it allows her to develop a broad scientific background and there are several opportunities for scientific exploration. She hopes to pursue a career in science that embraces innovation as well as continuous personal growth and skill development while allowing her to create a positive impact on others.

Chelsea had graduated from West Island College, Calgary, Alta. During her high school years, her top three achievements were being co-author of abstract submission to the Canadian Association of Medical Oncologists (CAMO) and American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), receiving the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, and initiating, developing, and running a free learn to skate program for kids.

She chose this university as the University of Calgary has a variety of undergraduate research opportunities. From its safe campus to its welcoming learning environment, the University of Calgary is a perfect place for exploration and personal growth!

This award will provide financial support, which will allow her to focus on other aspects of her university experience such as volunteering and becoming more involved in campus life.

A fun fact about Chelsea is that she is on Canada's national synchronized figure skating team, NEXXICE Senior.