Bryan K.

Seymour Schulich Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Bryan chose to enroll in engineering as it seemed like the best fit for his interests - specifically in technology and software. He was also influenced by the Schulich School of Engineering's excellent teaching staff and student support. He is interested in the field of mechatronics and is looking to explore either electrical or software engineering to accomplish this. He is specifically interested in areas like automation and drones.

Bryan had graduated from Lethbridge Collegiate Institute (LCI). During his years in high school, his top three achievements were being the Founder/Leader of the Math Club at LCI; highest overall average at LCI for grades 10, 11, 12; and achieving 100 per cent on Math 30-1, Chemistry 30, Physics 30 diplomas.

The University of Calgary was the best choice for his personal and career goals. It had a wide variety of student support and seemed like a welcoming community. He was also attracted by the various clubs and activities at the university. So far, having experienced his first semester, the university has lived up to its reputation. He has also joined one of the clubs here and it has been very interesting.

The Prestige Award will provide much needed financial support for his degree. It takes off a lot
of the stress about money often associated with pursuing university. It is also encouraging to
receive this recognition for his hard work in school.