Avinash M.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneur Award

Awards and Scholarships


Avinash is pursuing a degree in Engineering, and is hoping to major in Mechanical Engineering. He chose this program because he has always been obsessed with cars and the way they work in different applications. He is drawn to Mechanical Engineering specifically because of the moving parts involved, like the engine. In his future, Avinash would like to be involved in the automotive industry, especially in design or research & development or engines. He’s also interested in making engines more efficient for the future as the industry slowly moves to electric power.

Avinash graduated from the International School Nido de Aguilas, in Lo Barnechea, Chile. While in high school, his top three achievements were: working on a provisional patent, making the music honour society, and participating in the South American Activities Council Fine Arts Festival for 3 years.

Because of the perfect environment to work on ideas and collaborate with other people who think differently, Avinash chose to study at the University of Calgary. He is excited to learn from others, and grow as a student while working with students and teachers as well.

This prestige award frees Avinash of some pressure when it comes to paying for tuition and gives him some time to invest in collaborative projects outside of the classroom. He looks forward to designing and exploring new concepts in Engineering, and says, “I'm really excited to start at UofC and am looking forward to creating opportunities to explore my area of interest more.”