Amy W.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneur Award

Awards and Scholarships


Amy is enrolled in the Bachelor of Engineering Program. She chose this program because she was quite interested in math and physics in high school, along with the possibility of bringing concepts to real life. As of now, she’s undecided about choosing her major within Engineering, but she looks forward to seeing which areas she excels in, but hopes with whatever major she chooses to be involved with Engineers without Borders.

Amy graduated from Prince of Wales Collegiate in St. John’s, NL. Her top three achievements during high school were co-founding the Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Association at her school, receiving the Top Salesperson Award in her Junior Achievement Class, and participating in the SHAD program.

Being a student interested in research, Amy initially was made aware of the University of Calgary’s high levels of promotion towards research; even for undergraduate students. This appealed to her greatly. As a Newfoundlander, the ability to live on campus and start her adult life independently was something that she wouldn’t be able to entirely achieve if she stayed home for her education.  The well-known Schulich School of Engineering sparked her interest, as it was her field of choice, and she was further convinced to choose UCalgary with the various majors and specializations available.

Coming from a distance, the Prestige Award will allow Amy to study at the University, live on campus, and network with others who are also outside from outside the Calgary area. This award will greatly help with the financial burden of schooling, and open up many new opportunities for her. Amy would like to thank those who fund these scholarships, as it gives her a chance to showcase her skills in a larger environment, making lifelong friendships along the way!