Amy P.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneurial Entrance Award

Awards and Scholarships


Amy is currently in a bachelor of science in Engineering. She chose this program after completing her science fair project in which she realized that her favourite parts were in designing and building the system for her project. From there, the possibilities seemed endless! She hopes to work in aerospace, particularly the space industry. She thinks the space industry has a fascinating history and it is interesting to see how the industry is evolving and all the progress being made today. She hopes she can be part of it.

Amy had graduated from Sir Winston Churchill High School. During her high school years, her top three achievements were getting to present her project about water filtration of microfibers at the Calgary Youth Science Fair. She faced so many obstacles in this project and really had to problem-solve, so it was so rewarding to get to present her work at the fair. Additionally, being the editor of her high school yearbook team. They got to make the commemorative yearbook for her school’s 50th anniversary. Lastly, competing in her school’s Science Olympics, getting to problem-solve every week and becoming one of the school’s finalist teams.

She chose the University of Calgary because of the many opportunities for research and innovation. She was lucky enough to see some of the research happening in the University of Calgary labs and was impressed by the incredible work of UCalgary researchers. She was also impressed with how researchers were so passionate about their work and open to sharing this interest with others.

The Prestige Award gives her the freedom to focus on her education and extracurriculars. Although we are doing remote classes right now, she is excited for when she finally gets to be on campus and actually meet her peers!